Detox salad, Challenge busted, Injured leg!

Hello Friends,
I injured myself last week and have not been able to fulfill my 30 day challenge as I need to stay off my ankle. So since I am forced to take some time off, I have started to ease into a detox. I have inherited my family’s issue with edema in the legs and sensitivity to salt. The injury has exasperated this. So instead of going metaphysical, I am going physical, very physical.

Metaphysical ties:
Since doing this work 7 years ago, my weight has ballooned up well over 50 pounds and now it is  time to address this. Fat acts as a protection from negative energies and boy has my body responded lol. I also have spent enormous amounts of time sitting: Driving to appointments and events, sitting with clients, sitting for classes, basically my time is spent in my head and not in my body.

I have spent the past year and a half upping my steps and until now, I have been successful. This however has not made much of a difference on the scale, so now I must address my diet. I decided to make a nutrient rich organic salad to help detox and lessen my dependence on salt and sugars.  I am not going low carb, but I am reducing my use of refined carbs, except on special occasions. I am not jumping in as I had in the past, but wading slowing, and working towards a life change.

I am also looking forward to a vacation that will include a lot of pool time and walking time and I want to be healthier and happier for both!

As I go through my journey, I am including recipes and nutrient facts. There are a ton of links at the end of the article to help you research for your-self. I will be including my fruit salad later. I invite you  to comment and share and of course to like!

Detox salad:  Each component and their benefits

These Links were very helpful in putting this list together!

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