Cheat Day Pancakes!

My Cheat Day Pancakes

I made these on my birthday a few weeks ago and I am making them again! I found myself at a Panera, looking at the carrot cake muffin, then my eyes drifted to the calories where it casually stated 700. It could have been more, but I know it was in the 700’s. Now I could not justify after a week-long detox, a dessert which would have been gone in four bites. If I was going to cheat, it would be on something better and longer lasting than that. Pancakes, yes, pancakes were my cheat of choice.

Now I am not above using a mix, and I fully admit that there are better ones for you out there than Aunt Jemima, but that is what I had, so I used it.

I followed the directions on the box and added my own ingredients to make it a little better.

  • 1 sliced ripe bananafruit-1024733_960_720
  • ½ cup of frozen blueberries
  • As much cinnamon as you like I think I used about ½ teaspoon
  • ½ cup if chopped walnuts
  • Cook them as normal

You can use Olive oil or coconut. I find Olive oil easier to use. I topped it with100% pure Maple syrup, but honestly, they were yummy without it. You could also use honey or any other topping you like.

I say be creative, you could use any nut you like or any fruit, I liked them so much I am making them again.


Now some of you may say why cheat at all, well cheat may be the wrong word, I am going through a change and while I am lowering my refined carbs significantly, I am not above a really great donuts here or there, a pancake that will knock your socks off, or fresh baked bread. I am no longer allowing refined carbs to be a daily staple, but rather something that I eat with awareness and something worth enjoying. Now that I am not detoxing, I allow myself crackers here and there, pita bread, lavash bread, and grains. But I am moving away from pasta and bread in general. This week I had two bagels and a donut and still lost about 9 pounds. This was the first real week of my new normal eating and so far I feel good. I have lost quite a bit and by having some “breads” I know that as I progress, I will be less likely to regain everything because I had a bread binge lol.


I wish you all luck and hope that sharing my journey may help some of you develop a healthier relationship with food. I know that numbers will go up and down, but changes will add up, like snowflakes in a storm. Soon I will be surrounded by a blizzard of health. May it snow, may it rain, may your body be awash in health.


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