Day 2 cleanse

Lost 2.5 pounds, all water I know, but still happy. I like many in my family have a big issue with salt sensitivity  and water retention.  I imagine that the first 20 will be water. I am eating the same as today except I cooked my own eggs and got a decaf latte with almond milk.

Salad for lunch will be the same, no potatoes . (Did add a half cup of peas, also not on plan)

Random snack. In the afternoon I was having a big time craving I ate a spoon full of Earth balance peanut butter coconut spread. It completely did the trick.

Goals for the day: keep carbs down, drink 8+ glasses of water, meditate for 10 min and get to bed earlier.

I did the meditation and I used a YouTube one with Fat burning subliminal messages. It may be a bunch of nonsense, but if something can reach my subconscious then all be it!

My stomach is not happy with all of the greens. For those who do not know I have IBS which makes this all the harder. But if I an get rid of the excess sugar and salt then maybe the inflammation will go down too. I have stayed more on track today and within my calorie range. Less hungry and sipping on hot chicken broth right now. 🙂

My plan is two months 1 pre-cleansing 2nd deep cleansing and after that allow myself 1 carbed up meal a week. Kind of like carb-cycling

I have also been getting about 45 min more sleep than last week. I was averaging only 4.5 hours a night. This week I am at 5 hours 15 min. Going to try for 7 tonight!

OK details:

  • 8k steps
  • 364 active calories
  • 3054 total burned
  • 1711 cal consumed (surprisingly not hungry)
  • Macros:carbs 33% 175g fat 38% 90g Protein 29% 152g

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