Day 3.5 cleanse Super Sick (What foods do I choose?)

So I woke up feeling miserable today and saw the Dr.. It is an upper respiratory and sinus infection. So what do you do when all of your go to sick foods are junk foods? Re-think and re-plan. So I am going slightly off plan with convenience foods so I can eat and go back to sleep, but will cook tonight.

Breakfast: veggie egg-white flatbread sandwich from Dunkin’ and Green tea- plain. I know it is processed, but my blood sugar was getting low and it was the healthiest option on the run.

Lunch: Amy’s Green curry dinner This actually is pretty good minus the jasmine rice. Not so good on the sodium, but not bad.

Since I usually love ramen I will settle for a quick and organic veggie soup in organic chicken broth. I am adding a whole head of garlic, to kick this infection’s butt lol.

I have also had a craving for pizza and think I have come up with a super healthy alternative. If I am feeling better and make it tonight I will sent pics.

All in all doing good Down another pound 8 in all and will update you all tonight.

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