Day three cleanse – Big Loss!!

For breakfast today I had the same shake, but I also scrambled two eggs with salsa and some fresh Parmesan. Lunch was the same with a cup of tomato soup and a cheat: baked Cheetos Dinner was the same: chicken and Kale with quinoa, lentils and tomatoes.  Evening snack: Apple with Almond butter and some of the Earth Balance spread. Feeling sick, not sure if it is germs or if it is detox flu. seems a bit soon for that. I am going to have some low sodium chicken broth later

The numbers

  • Woke up having lost 5 more pounds  7 in total
  • 8,500 steps (by the end of the evening)
  • 384 active cal (current -one more dog walk)
  • 2944
  • 1696 cal consumed
  • Macros: Carbs 169g 32%
  • fat 92g 39%
  • protein 148g 29%

Other than feeling like crap I am excited and for the first time I feel like this will lead to long term change for me. I am looking at my clothes 1 size down and will start trying them on again when I hit the 20 lb mark.

Also note I did some  yoga poses today and some very modified push ups (I have to be careful of my shoulder) Trying to slowly build workouts into this as well.

Meditation will be later tonight if my sinuses do not force me into bed!

Many blessings friends and healthy eating!!!

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