Day 4 Cleanse

Well today has been interesting: Super sick with sinus and respiratory infection. Had to chase the dog he got off leash and went chasing all the construction workers in the area, trying to bite their ankles off. Last walk we discovered a lame bird who scare Apollo and myself. So all in all very strange. I also had the strange issue of not having had enough calories at the end of the day. Being sick has made it a low priority. I ended up eating a whole lot of tuna salad and a ginormous English cucumber, a quick veggie soup, and ended up making a nutrient packed shake to get my calories in. I am striving for between 1800-2000.

I can feel my appetite changing, still craving some junk food, but very happy with my cheat choices. I am a big believer that there must be balance otherwise this will end up being short lived and I am looking to make a lifetime change here.

The numbers

  • 8 total pounds
  • 4o65 steps
  • 2,988 calories burned (145 active)
  • 1912 cal
  • Carbs 176g 35%
  • Fat 94g 43%
  • Protein 109g 22%

Good luck all!

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