Day 7 cleanse-Going out to eat

Tomorrow will be a week since I started this new adventure even though this is day 7, I started last Monday.  So far  13.6 down and 20.8 since my highest, and looks like I’m not slowing down.

Today I went out and splurged and had a chicken salad sandwich, chips and salad. The first thing I noticed is that I am hungrier today since having the carbs. I kept it clean for the test of the day. I am going out again tomorrow, not sure what I will have but I will keep it as clean as possible.

Still kept my calories under 1800 by researching the place before hand and treated it like brunch, since I woke up later.

I also had a digest and detox drink and oooh boy is it working. Tummy is mad. But needs to be done every once and a while.So many hours later after my detox drink finally finished its work, I feel great.


I am at that strange point on this journey where I have lost a bunch and yet it is only a small drop in the bucket. I also know that the weight loss will slow down as the days and weeks wear on. It is cool that I have have been going downward since September and really without a whole lot of effort. Yes the detox takes work as it will for the rest of my life, but the idea that soon half of my closet will be wearable and if I can keep at it, by June all of the close in my closet will either fit or be too big. I have kept almost 2 wardrobes worth of clothing waiting for this day to come. The day when my excess weight decides it’s no longer at home in my body. I have at least 6 dresses that are 1 size down and 8 that are two sizes down and some, I probably forgot about. I have beautiful shirts that fit me for a hot second and then I gained 10 and they looked terrible. I can’t wait to shop my closet again.

The numbers

  • Steps:3658
  • Calories: total burned 2944 active 162
  • Food: 1920 cal
  • Carbs: 191g 39% not bad for a cheat day
  • Fat: 88g 41%
  • Protein: 97g 20%

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