Day 8 First week done!

Hello all, Thank you for the likes and the follows!  I am  a total of 14.2 down for the cleanse and 21.4 since this summer. Also down 4.25 inches for the week!

This is probably the most I have ever lost in a week’s time and I am stoked. I even ate out twice and managed to do very well. I ate out again today and it will be my last for a while. I went to a diner and while I know there were healthier choices I could have made tonight, I am happy with how I did.

First they have the most amazing cinnamon bread and cheese bread. Normally I would down a serving and a half. I had two 1″ pieces from each. Then I had a cup of Yankee bean soup. Literally 1 cup, skipped the crackers. I had meatloaf with high quality beef, not sure if it was grass fed, but this place actually uses non antibiotic free range chicken, so here’s hoping. and about 1/2-1 cup of mashed potatoes. I took half of the meat loaf home and had no snacks today.

Breakfast: smoothie and two eggs cooked in a spray of olive oil.

Lunch: Asian salad (same as last week and will have this all week and a Larabar nut and seed bar.

Dinner: As stated above Bread, soup, meatloaf and potatoes.

I am super satisfied and was ok leaving the rest of that beautiful bread to my friend to take home.

The numbers:

  • Steps 8,169
  • Calories 2934 burned active 360
  • Eaten: 2,195
  • Carbs: 156g 27% (not bad for eating out!!)
  • Fat 126g 49%
  • Protein 146g 24%

All in all a pretty god day, even with the splurge. Tomorrow it is back on schedule!

Many Blessings, See you later.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. kwenzqoatl says:

    It’s cool that you are keeping track of everything. 🙂


    1. Thank you! It helps me to stay accountable to myself.😁


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