Day 11 – comme ci comme ça

Snow Day!

Which means steps will be very low today as it is bitter and very icy outside. I busied myself with Laundry and dishes that have piled up. (Still more to do, just took a dog walking break.)

No weight loss today, but no weight gain so that is good. It is tough to come down off the high of dropping 13 pounds in a week. (gained one back  sigh) I knew this day would come and the real work would have to begin. I do think that I will loose the next 15 fairly easily though. for me the tough part will be breaking through the 40 pound mark. I am half way there though! 20 pounds  = 4 bags of potatoes/80 sticks of butter/ 1 large turkey every time I slow down I need to remind myself of that!

Slept through breakfast and started the day with the last of my chicken soup. Had a bunch of wonderfully fruity tea and for snack I had a banana with about 3/4ths cup of plain Greek yogurt, a tsp of almond butter, a tsp of honey, and about 1.5 tsp of sprouted ancient grains.

I have not had dinner yet but plan on cooking chicken and sweet peppers and defrosting 20170210_004431some chili I made a few months ago. I will top the chili off with some of the fresh Parmesan and the chicken and peppers with avocado.

After several days with small cheats, I find myself going through a little withdrawal. I also did not have my smoothie and eggs this morning which I am sure has not helped with the hunger pains. So I am off to cook and will finish this post at the end of the day.

Well it is past midnight but after a week of cooking and actually eating at home, my kitchen is clean. All the pots, pans, and dishes and I even organized one of my shelves. I feel like I made great use of a random day off!

The numbers:

  • Steps:3110
  • Calories burned: 2921 active 139
  • Calories in: 1500
  • Carbs: 126 g 33%
  • Fat: 51g 30%
  • Protein: 126g 37%

Well this is the first time that the protein outdid everything else! 🙂

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