Two weeks in and my scale isn’t working!

I got on the scale and the battery was dying so I ordered batteries on Amazon and got them tonight. Turns out the batteries had corroded and the scale is gone. So no weigh ins until Thursday! So it may be off from the other scale, but I am not going to worry.

Today and tomorrow I am chucking the numbers for some down and dirty talk about weight loss and body image

As I was griping about my battery folly, it led to some incredible conversations with wonderful friends.

I am going to speak as a woman from my perspective although I know many many men go through the similar experiences and sometimes even more brutal and often in silence. I hope more men blog and speak of their experiences.

Weight issues are the one thing that everyone feels that they are the expert on. People look at overweight people as lazy, apathetic, and blissfully unaware of their state. What many do not realize is that most of us are not stuffing our faces full of pizza and chips. I ate healthy for years, counted every calorie, worked out 5-6 days a week and after a few years hit a 40 pound plateau.

That plateau stuck firmly no matter what I did, I was on weight watchers at the time. I detoxed, juiced, worked out more, worked out less, ate less, ate more, played for two years until I stopped caring. I never got past the 40 pound mark. The diet was flawed and did not address my first issue which was stress and the beginning of insulin resistance. Which for the record can be brought on by stress hormones. I do not care what many many people say, calories in vs calories out is simply not the issue, when dealing with stress hormones. In fact the less you eat the more your body holds on to the calories it is getting.  Yes I am eating less calories now, but the difference is that I have been less stressed for the past few months. I am eating more protein than ever and having a dog has made all the difference in how I prioritized my life.

Everyone has a different trigger. Weight is only a symptom of over eating if you are indeed over eating. Calorie counting  and an activity tracker is the only way to figure that out. it is not easy or glamorous, but the work is internal an the body cannot be healed while you hold on to the pain, loneliness, anger, stress, unworthiness. When you understand the cause, release and take a good hard look at yourself, it will then slowly start changing.

This process has been about 3-4 years in the making.

  • 4 years ago I recognized I had an anger issue and started to release through kickboxing and reading books that would make me cry when I could not cry for myself.
  • 2 years ago I saw a movie that triggered a deep release and I started to sob I kept sobbing and then crying, then tearing, then releasing.
  • 2 Years ago i started to track my activity level and make small changes
  • Last year I started 30 day challenges to force change to happen
  • 6 months ago changes started to happen on their own
  • 4 months ago I got a dog and lost 12 pounds and started exceeding my activity goals
  • 2 weeks ago I started to really release my old thoughts and feelings about food.
  • Now I challenge you to look inward and release everything that is holding you back.

Share your story in the comments, join in a very important conversation. I will continue this conversation tomorrow ….


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