Day 16 cleanse -New Scale

Hello friends,

I will start back with numbers tomorrow. I got a new scale and will be able to give accurate data again. The past to days have seen me go off plan at least 3 times. I am doing well and am still on board, but am definitely having trouble giving up the processed crap completely.

On a good note, I got my first month of Isagenix supplies. I am going to start on Saturday so I can have a three day weekend to adjust to the new bathroom schedule. I am hoping that By Tuesday I will be at least moderately adjusted.  I think I gained back a pound, but I am not worried, in a few days I will be hard core for at least 30 days and maybe up to 16 weeks. I am signing up for their 16 week body makeover challenge. This will bring me to the end of June. My goal has been to reach the 50 pound mark by then. That means 30 pounds over a 16 week time span, it could end up being more. My feeling is every day maintaining or loosing is a good day. I know there will be days of bloat or weakness and I will remind myself that one cheat meal, is not a failing but a choice. I am going on a marathon and not a sprint. The hard part will be going through my Birthday in April. I will allow for a really great cheat and not weeks of them 🙂

Ok 0ff for now!

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