Isagenix 30 day cleanse – Day 2

So after having the stomach flu last week, I took some time off from my detox and Sunday I started on my 30 day trip with Isagenix. I am very happy so far. But what am I feeling with it?

  • Ok so my IBS has not been bad at all – Yay!
  • The flavors are ok, but after the 30 days I am definitely adding some berries to the shake!
  • I will also have some food with the second shake next month.
  • I got very dizzy and a massive headache, I suspect it is from low blood sugar. I must be careful about that.
  • I have also eaten more calories than recommended because at my weight it would be silly to eat only 1200. Now if I were 100lbs lighter ok and perhaps when I get there I will lower my intake, but I am feeling the difference today.
  • This is a detox and not meant to be sustained for long periods of time, but a morning shake will be part of my morning from now on. I feel like my IBS is actually better today than days past, so the actual cleanse part seems to be working.
  • Dropped 2.4 pound the first day and I will probably have lost quite a bit of water weight by tomorrow, I have been peeing all day!
  • Have your snacks Green Apples are great, have with almond butter.

I will keep you updated every few days, be sure to follow, if you want to see how I do on this journey.

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