Isagenix 3rd and last day

The good: IBS was great! Lost 5 pounds  probably more by tomorrow.

The not good: Dizzy, very dizzy. It felt like I had vertigo and it happened again today. I got my Blood pressure done and it was very low, which means that it was even lower last night when the dizziness hit. 100/70. Usually I am 130-135/80-85. I think over all the product line was good, but not for me. Also acid reflux kicked in big time. It may have been from the accelerator which has both cayenne pepper and apple cider vinegar.

I know what my body does on a detox and this was not it. I will get flu like symptoms and yes even the headache, but listening to my body and more importantly the health of my heart was more important.

I said before that I know many people on it and it works great for them and I am so happy it does. It may work for you too! Check with your Dr and make sure there are no interactions. Herbs and supplements are fantastic and I am a big advocate, but certain things will not work for certain people.

The good:

I have a program outline that I can try with a different protein shake, that I know will not bother me. I like their ok’ed food list, seems very reasonable. I like the idea of deep cleansing 1 time a week and will try it with a digestive greens product this weekend.

I am not giving up on my weight loss, I need to loose weight, but I think the slower steadier way is the only way that will work for me. I am down over 20 lbs since September and I plan on loosing a lot more. I know once I can exercise that it will be even easier. my metabolism has definitely changed over the past few months and I look forward to seeing the changes that happen!

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